Don’t confuse motion with progress.

One of the many lessons I’ve learned on the road so far.

Stop and check your map before wandering around trying to find your hostel (Unless wandering around is your goal…in that case, go right ahead!) No matter how late you are for your train, double check your platform and departure time. You may feel better that you’re moving toward the train, but it’ll come back to bite you when you find out it’s the wrong one!

Anyways, I’m sure there were more reasons for me to write that down, I’ll think of them later.

And while you wait for those reasons, here are some entirely unrelated pictures:
Our friend Michelle on Mykonos with a pelican at the restaurant. An ANGRY pelican at the restaurant.

Dennis and I playing camoflauged army men in some hot springs in the sea near the volcano in Santorini.

Taking in the sights of Santorini one last time. Note the case of beer in the left corner…not ours, by the way.

Alright, see ya later!


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