>Well, I’ve got some time before my train leaves, so here goes…

>So we decided to take our friend’s advice and travel to Stromboli, a small volcano island north of Sicily. Apparenly a very unique active volcano, as it erupts every 15 minutes! How could we miss out on seeing real live lava? …we couldn’t. So off we go on the ferry, thinking we would do the volcano hike when we got there, and continue on the ferry up to Naples when we were done. In and out, one day, volcano complete with lava…check.


We arrive on the island and some dude (the only one who speaks English) comes over and tells us to stay at his hotel, because the ferry doesn’t leave for Naples for three days. Since Italians don’t feel the need to pay their taxes, information booths that are actually OPEN are a rarity. So we pretty much have to take this guy’s word for it, and the price wasn’t THAT bad. So now we’re on a volcanic island with one town, where the main road is about wide enough for two people to walk side by side, and I haven’t seen a single vehicle yet posessing more than three wheels. No problem, we can spend our time on the black sand beach and catching up on the internet. What’s that? The single computer in the internet cafe has a broken monitor, and it will be weeks before a replacement is shipped out? Hm.

Stay tuned for the next episode: Jeff and Dennis Climb a Volcano


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