>Be quick to laugh, and slow to judge.

>What does that have to do with this post?  Nothing.  But its still good advice, isn’t it?  I thought so, anyways.  Alright so this is going to be a supershort post because I already wrote it, and Blogger decided it wasn’t good enough or something and deleted it.  PLUS, I have to zrite this on a French keyboard as you may be able to tell:  Grrr.  I know you guys only come on here for the pictures anyways, and there is no Dennis around to upload photos so I zon’t draw this out any longer than necessary 😉

I’m in Paris now, staying at a good friend Axel,s place for a few days.  The reason we’ve been inconnunicado is because the city of Lyon has no internet.  That’s the way it seems, anyways.  We managed to meet a fez good friends there too, seeing music fests, doing some outdoor climbing in Yzeron and Fontainebleau FINALLY (pictures to come when dennis gets his act together).  He stuck around a few extra days in Fontbleau to climb more while I head up to Leeds for more visiting.  Who knows if we’ll ever see each other again.
Ok goodnight!


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