If you are going to learn, you need to forget what you know.

Another tidbit you’ve probably heard before, but I thought it fitting for no reason whatsoever. “How easy it is, to follow our thoughts instead of our senses.”

Anyway, enough of that.  I am in Paris now, at my excellent friend Axel’s place.  I have a bed, food, my own room, a shower; internet, drinks, smokes (not that I smoke anyways… =/ )…what more could a friend ask for?  His roommates are great, tonight one of them was passed out on the couch-that-is-currently-doubling-as-my-bed, and when he woke up he wandered around for a few minutes with no pants on.  Kind of reminds me of Dennis.  It is quite embarrassing when a French person apologizes for their poor English while we are carrying on a conversation…because I know if that conversation were in French, I would not be doing so well!  Anyways, the point is I love Axel and his roommates, and how can I repay them but to offer them a place to stay in my home whenever they need it? (and whenever I find it).  But really, if you have an ideas to repay them, I need them fast 😉
I am quite impressed with French culture altogether…I don’t know if it’s the language, the food, the fact that I have friends here…something about Paris (and Lyon, for that matter) makes it seem a lot more home-like than some of the other cities I have visited thus far.  I could do with a bit more time in France, in the city or picking grapes in the country, just some time to soak up the culture and pick up some more of the language.  Yes I said pick up the LANGUAGE, not the girls.  (That misunderstanding already happened.)  Oh yeah, and apparently English-French accents are cute the same way that French-English accents are popular in Western culture!  Who knew?  I thought I just sounded like an idiot.  (I can hear you all agreeing with me as you read this…don’t I know you too well! )
I did take a picture or two today without Dennis around, but they werent very good and I dont want to upload them…that’s Dennis’ job…so I guess it’s another day with no pictures.  Sorry.
Bon nuit.
…Wait a second, I can just load up pictures from Dennis’ other facebook albums.  Oh nevermind, I don’t know how to use Macs.  Forget that.  Sorry for getting you excited.
Bon nuit encore.

One response to “If you are going to learn, you need to forget what you know.

  1. >”Kind of reminds me of Dennis.” I laugh about this for about half a minute.P.S. MACs in French was the reason we skipped some uploads in our trip as well :/

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