>"I’m sorry, he’s only like this when he’s awake."


We have finally moved on from Paris now, with a longer stay than expected to meet up with a few friends and some errant train schedules. Errant meaning we didn’t book early enough. Sounds about right! Pas de souci, although we couldn’t actually get a train down to Barcelona at all…which brings us to Bordeaux. Beautiful and wine covered, but all we have seen are the streets under construction for the tram. And that is probably all we will see, given our train leaves tomorrow morning for San Sebastiàn, where we will stay while we head off to enjoy the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. Exciting! Maybe get a day of surfing in somewhere…or something.

We should probably start prepping for that, considering the most strenuous exercise I’ve done in the past few weeks is carrying beer home from the store. Which was actually a decent forearm workout. I think that counts as strenuous.

I will miss Flora and Axel and his roommates, even with their slightly uncouth bar habits. It is nice to be able to stay in one place every once in a while, with friendly faces you can hang around with. For the next month or so we are on a fairly strict schedule though; which sucks to book and plan and blah…but there are all these silly people who book “in advance” and spoil our spontaneity. SO after San Sebastiàn we are going to Barcelona SOMEhow (take THAT strict scheduling!) and from there we have our train BACK to Paris (this is Rome all over again!) to catch our flight to London and then to the Netherlands on July 16. Confusing? Yes. I’m trying to keep you all off our trail!

Not really.
So hopefully we can meet a few friends in the Netherlands, and from there the REAL adventure begins…no rail pass, no easy transportation…we’re screwed. Anyway, as I said in the last post I’m itchin’ for some hitchin’, so we’ll see what fate throws our way. Ummm so yeah, Switzerland, or Germany, something like that.


Alright fine, here are some pictures that I never put up before.

Partying with Cristina and Francesco and friends in Sicily.

Partying with Romain, Aurelie, Axel, Nico and friends in Lyon.

Finally getting a bit of outdoor climbing in!


One response to “>"I’m sorry, he’s only like this when he’s awake."

  1. >ciao belli!!!!How’s it going??? I hope everything is aLL RIGHT!!Last week I was in Catania and we went several times to the playa beach and to the agorà.So we were thinking of you both!My parents came back from New York and Toronto. They recorded all the trip, so I could watch your wonderful city!I hope I can come to visit u sometimes!We miss u!Take careXXXXXXXXXXXXCri

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