>Puuumped for some Bull Runnin´

>So, sitting in the lounge of our hostel in San Sebastian, we hear more than a few stories of harrowing escapes from bull-related injuries and some good adrenaline-pumping-fear-fueled running!

The most common sentences uttered include “If you do (insert action here), you´re f***ed”, “If you don´t (insert other action here) you´re f***ed”, and…well, I guess that´s pretty much it. Oh yeah, and “you are guaranteed to shit your pants.” Sounds like my kind of festival!!

We plan on bussing in to Pamplona at around 9 pm the night before, and partying the whole night, maybe catching a few Z´s in the park or in the car (if we end up driving there). We´re going to check out the running path, plan our escape routes which we will thoroughly ignore the next day in our adrenaline ridden state of shitting our pants, and hopefully drink enough sangria to fall asleep outdoors to rest up a bit for the run. I don´t think being tired will be an issue though, as I hear it´s quite a rush when the gun goes off!!

Can´t wait! I hope Mom doesn´t read this until I get home safe after the run. If she does…don´t worry mom, I´ll be safe! 😉

See ya later!


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