>I´ve never had beer poured up my nose before.

>It´s like getting a noseful of water, but carbonated, and you can still taste the beer. Unpleasant and not recommended.

Hanyway, back to the story…

Actually I´m a bit tired from yesterday, we hit up a pubcrawl for some reason and got about 4 hours of sleep…combined with the past three days of 4 hours sleep because of San Fermin, that equals not a lot of sleep. So maybe I´ll write it later. I hope you aren´t too disappointed.

We made it to Barcelona, drove down with our Kiwi friends Matt and Karen that we met in Greece. They rented a car and are driving all around France and Spain, so we tagged along for a bit and chipped in for gas…saved us on train tickets! We´ll meet up again with them in New Zealand, they already have plans to take us all around the South Island, have us stay with them, and maybe even lend us a car so we can drive around by ourselves for a week! Such a nice couple. They´re doing a 5 month tour de monde for their honeymoon, how cool is that?

I would upload pictures, but this internet cafe is pretty sketch, every few seconds another virus is found on this computer, so I don´t really want to do that either. So why even post this? I don´t know. I could delete it…or I could click publish.


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