>How do you strain your hamstring doing chin-ups?

>I don´t know, but it happened, okay?

So apparently Spain didn´t get the memo that mullets have gone out of style. In fact, they seem to have gone out of their way and invent a new style: mullet dreadlocks. I don´t even know what to call it, other than hideous. No offense to anyone who reads this and has mullet dreadlocks. But really…go get a haircut.

We leave Barcelona today on a two day journey of crap…overnight train to Paris tonight, and an all day holiday in the airport in London tomorrow, from 10 pm to 1 pm the following day, because we´re too cheap to train into the city and find a hostel.

My arms and hands hurt like they haven´t in two months, and it feels GREAT. Yesterday I climbed like it was going out of style (much like the mullets a lot of the climbers were sporting), and managed to pull finger joints, scrape knuckles, blister my feet, wear my hands raw, and love every minute of it. I wish we had more time here to climb!

Ok we´re off to catch our train. Bye bye!


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