>Happy happz happy happz hitchhiking!!


We is hitchhiking in Germany, and it is überfun. We started in Tilburg, NL yesterday, and made it “all” the way to Bonn, Germany last night at around midnight. A bit of a stretch for hitchhiking, but we didn’t want to give up! But we did get a late start. So today, after a supergiant breakfast, we are off again! Where to…hmmm…Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Tübingen, Überlingen, Ulm, München, Mindelheim…wherever! I love this gig.

I get a huge rush from communicating with people, whether getting a respectful “thank you” wave and a shrug, or coaxing a smile or a laugh from drivers passing by. It is awesome and humbling how helpful people can be when you need it. Two pathetic, drenched hitchhikers need a lot of help.

Ok, enough chit-chatting, I’ve got to hit the road!


2 responses to “>Happy happz happy happz hitchhiking!!

  1. >Even standing in places where no one took us, I got so much energy by “communicating” with and smiling to drivers passing by. :DYes, no time for the Internet; go on the road!

  2. >I didn't know u've ben to Germany before!?! and I love the word überfun. that's great!! and i did see that u experienced the german keyboard 😉

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