>5 Francs (= $5) for 30 minutes?!

>Sorry I haven’t been sending along any info, I’m sure most of you don’t care except Mom, so…sorry Mom! Internet is hella expensive in Switzerland, so this post won’t be any exception. I SWEAR I’m trying to find time to send an email and put up some pictures!

We are in Lugano, Switzerland, staying with Gustavo at the moment, and this place is AWESOME! Yesterday he took us into the mountains and we hiked up and down the rivers to hidden waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, and places only he and his friends know about by searching through the mountains for years in their childhood. Right out of a commercial! More on that later.

Right now we are trying to find housing in Germany for the month of August, and maybe a job for our lazy asses. So…I should be doing that instead of this.

More to come soon, promise!

Buh bye!


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