>A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met.

>If there was a slogan for hitchhiking, this would have to be it!

WHAT a rush. I can’t even begin to describe how much fun it is to stand on the side of a road for hours at a time, boiling hot, dehydrated, and dancing my ass off for a simple ride down the street. Some people pay to go dance in a club, I say it’s more fun on the sandy shoulder of a well-driven highway! Sure, most people think you’re insane (they may not be entirely wrong), and all the people at the local bus stop point and stare, but the laughs and smiles you can evince from a few of those people are well worth it! My favourite are the motorcyclists, they always seem to have a good sense of humour when I suggest two more passengers with bags almost as big as ourselves!

Dennis the artiste…severely hungover. Do not hitch while hungover. Uncool.

On the side of a motorway heading to Tubingen. No probs!

So I keep forgetting where I left you off at on our travels…I promise I will fill in a few stories soon! One time we got dropped at a gas station on the wrong side of the Autobahn…and I know it’s illegal to cross the highway on foot back home, so I just assumed it wouldn’t be much easier on a road with no speedlimit. Cars that were on the horizon 20 seconds ago zoom past with what I swear should classify as a shockwave. After about 5 minutes of trying to gauge ridiculously fast traffic, I assume that my mother would rather me find another way across.

Lucky that I happened to spy a bridge we crossed over about 500 metres back in the direction we came, maybe we could cross under the road. And so we were off!

Off to find a safe way across the Autobahn.

True blue, we found the bridge and waddled down through some thick and spiky foliage to get to…a barbed wire fence. Awesome.

But barbed wire fences can’t stop us! Dennis, pass me my bag!

Passing under the bridge, we ran into another problem on the opposite side…

Shit, how are we going to scale a GATE with our bags??


So that was that story. I thought the pictures did a pretty good job there. We actually ended up getting a lift before we even put the name of the city on our sign. We put our bags down on the grass at the gas station, opened up our maps and Roegen pulled up asking us (in German, of course) if we wanted a lift! Score!!

Another random story: we hitchhiked from Lugano to Basel and met Salvi, a super cool Swiss German dude who was heading our way and was kind enough to give us a lift!

Salvi and his “piss light”.

Salvi is pretty much the epitome of the quote I have in the title of this post. Within a few minutes of our drive, I already considered him a friend and a really cool dude. Sporting dreadlocks, a reggae drum hanging from his rearview mirror, and a hilarious laugh, Salvi has to be one of the nicest and most unique people I have met on the road! Since August 1 is a national holiday in Switzerland, Salvi was throwing a huge forest party outside of Basel with music, drinks, meat, and a huuuuge bonfire. He told us about all the fun his friends had at those parties in the past, and drew us a map so we could join in on the fun-making! Awesome! But the events of that night are much too entertaining to be recorded in this post, so you will have to wait a few days!

Alright that’s it, I’m done for now!

Ok, one more pic so you know we haven’t lost our sense of humour. What? That’s not funny?? …Says you.

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