>A series of visits extolled through pictures.

>Given that my primary reason for returning to Europe was to visit all the friends I promised I would someday visit, I thought I should at least upload some of the pics we’ve had catching up with old friends! I’ll do my best to keep them chronological…

Dennis sleeping for the majority of our two and a half days in Amsterdam.
Visiting Celine at Madurodam in the Netherlands =)

Made it to Tübingen, our first hitchhiking destination! Having some drinks with Sonja and Nadine.

When we told Sonja we were planning on hitching to Zürich next, she decided to join us! The Swiss are very patriotic, as you can probably tell.

“Baking” a pizza with some sidewalk chalk in Zürich. Why did we have sidewalk chalk? Because it was only 2 Francs! EVERYTHING is a good deal if its 2 Francs!

Next hitch stop: Überlingen. Partying with Miri, Lena and Lilli!

Dennis playing in the rain like a bit of a homo.

I FINALLY made it to Switzerland to see Gustavo again, he was quite upset I never made it last year. That’s his house in the background on the hill overlooking the whole of Lugano. Yeah, that’s a cow in his backyard. Awesome!
Hitchhiking to Basel to hang out with Martina and her friend Michelle. Problem: All stores are closed on Swiss holidays, so we had to walk across the border into Germany to buy our booze. This is us calculating how much we were each allowed to bring back across the border into Switzerland. We got just enough: too much.
The only university I know that fashions its clothing after alcohol. Quality education indeed!

The result of all that alcohol was a midnight swim in the Rhine, the river running through Basel with a hearty current. At one point in the night, Ryan suggested going for a leisurely jump off the bridge, and Michelle cleverly countered: “I’ll do it only if everyone does it!” …so we all did it. If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it?? As I said, it was clever.

Taking our clothes off and standing on the bridge for 15 minutes attracts quite a crowd! They wanted to see if we’d survive the jump.

Ryan and Dennis prepping for the 20 metre+ drop.
Wet, tired, sore-assed from a poor landing, but exhilarated! Let’s do that again!

Bis später!


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