>A night of Swiss Italian mischief

>This post should actually have taken place on July 29, sorry for the delay. =(

Heading to the bar, it all started with “Guys, bring your bathing suits tonight, we may go for a surprise swim.” What does he mean, a surprise swim? How can a swim be a surprise?

What we didn’t realize was that the swim wasn’t going to be a surprise for us, but for the owners of the pool. Tim, Gustavo’s friend, knows of a place where there is a luxury pool for rich bankers or something like that, and we are going to get drunk and sneak past the security guards to go for a 2 am swim. Sounds like fun! Well we managed to sneak past the guards alright, but when we got to the pool and started swimming with open bottles of vodka and tequila, practicing our dives in the shallow end and doing backflips off the railings, I guess we made a bit too much noise. Oooooops. The guards came and told us to bug off or he’d call the cops. “Du bist soo BORRRRING!” Here are some pics.

Dennis “can’t” swim!
Dives and backflips? More like belly flops and back flips!

So after that, we decided our fun wasn’t over yet, so Tim showed us to a kids play area where the floor was made up entirely of trampolines. Of course, we had to scale an 8 foot fences to get there, while watching out for the guard in his car doing a circuit around the park. This part was right out of some spy movie, I swear. When the car highbeams come into sight, someone hisses something in Italian and everyone drops to the ground and tries to remain as still as possible, or crawl on their bellies around the corner of some building and to peer around it and see if the coast is clear. We finally managed to get everyone over the fences without making TOO much noise.

Holding the fence to muffle the sound while Tim climbs over.

Although I insist that I should stand guard and play the tourist ignorance card (I don’t know what cop would fall for THAT: “Uh sir, we didn’t know we weren’t allowed to climb those two fences and jump on the trampoline in the middle of the night”), Tim assures me that he is well known to the guard of the complex and my clever ruse wouldn’t work. So Gustavo, Dennis and I climb another fence to get into the trampoline area, and proceed to jump recklessly high and crash into each other repeatedly. Tim and Michaela stay back to watch for the guard and warn us when he comes around. Since my italian is about as good as my bowstaff skills (credit to Ryan Pallett for that one), as soon as we hear anything in Italian, the agreed-upon action is to drop to the trampoline like a sack of potatoes. Of course, the nature of a trampoline is to bounce sacks of potatoes back into the air, so I don’t know how effective that plan was. But it was the best we had at that point in the night. Soon enough, some local dude comes by and tells us to leave (agaaain) or he’ll call the cops. “Du bist so BORRRRRING!”

So we headed to the lakeshore to finish off the alcohol and “sober up”.

I don’t remember what game this was, but it’s a nice pose!

Having a smoke in the middle of the road at the end of the night.

I think we got home at something like 5 or 6 am, and we had to wake up at 8 because Gustavo was leaving for Leeds. I don’t know how he did it, being all awake and sober to pack. I barely managed to walk out of the house and sit down on the side of the road to wait for a hitch! Thus the earlier post on hungover hitchhiking.

See ya’s later!


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