>Life is volleyball

>So for any of you out there considering doing some kind of travel…stop considering it, and just do it!! Especially to Tubingen.

Early last week we found out about a place in Tubingen called the ‘Freibad’. This is pretty much a soccer area/beach volleyball courts/climbing wall/ping pong area/heaven/fields to work on your tan/gigantic waterpark (with 50m pool, 25m pool, diving boards and platforms of all sizes, and water slides to boot…GOOD water slides where you can do spinsies and threesies and races and no lifeguards threaten to throw you out). A place like this in Canada might cost you $20 or $25 dollars for entry…here, a mere €1.40. I repeat. A place like this in Canada might cost you $20 or $25 dollars for entry…here, a mere €1.40. That’s no international punctuational (huh?) mistake, I really mean 1 euro and 40 cents. Have I mentioned yet how cheap beer is? I’ll get to that.

I’ll get to it right now, actually, with a handy dandy side story in the grocery store: Ryan’s mouth LITERALLY dropped open when we did a quick calculation to find out that cheap German beer is about 5 to 6 times less expensive than $1 beer in Canada, and as I’m sure you can imagine, low quality German beer and low quality Canadian beer can not even be measured on the same scale.

Back to volleyball: Our lives for the past week have consisted of sleeping, eating, drinking (the beer is too cheap NOT to drink), and VOLLEYBALL. “20% Chance of rain today…100% chance of VOLLEYBALL!” can be heard at least once daily. I usually say it three or four times, just for kicks. Sometimes I vary the percentage chance of rain, but percentage chance of volleyball remains at 100%. How unimaginative.

So we’ll head to the Freibad sometime in the early afternoon each day, play volleyball until we are caked in sweat and sand and our arms are bruised and swollen and my left hip sorta-dislocates, and then we head over to the swim park and Ryan and I have slide races and try for double spinsies on corners and do all sorts of silly tricks like head to head and foot to foot (and head to ass once by accident, that wasn’t cool…mostly because it was my head and Ryan’s ass) that usually ends up with me bashing my head on the slide at some point or another…what fun! I guess the ridiculous part is the only people who use the slide more frequently than us are 10 year olds. WHATEVER, we could outrace them anyday.

Sooo um yeah, if you’re worried about us, don’t be! Other than my eventual hospitalization due to an over-stressed hip joint, we’re having a G-rate time! And as I said earlier…get off your ass and travel!!


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