>Either write something worth doing, or do something worth writing.

>Again, that has nothing to do with this post, but I thought it was interesting.

Alright so a long long time ago, in a European country far far away, Ryan (Pallett, a friend from Leeds, not my brother) and I decided that we should take a break from beach volleyball and train up to Denmark and Sweden to see some very good friends of ours who we had not seen in a very long time. So we hopped on the next midnight train goin anyyyywhereeee (uhh…in the direction of Copenhagen), and called up our friends saying we were on our way!

We arrived in CPH and met Charlotte, my bestest bud and favorite cook. We toured around the city for a while until dinner, which was a 3 hour feast (no surprise there!) of rice curry stir fry, 2 bottles of red wine, some ice cream bars, rum tasting, cognac tasting, then some Swiss cookies and something called ‘Peanut Flips’, which I will re-brand ‘Peanut Butter Puffs’ and bring over to North America to make my fortune. They are basically Cheesies, but taste like Peanut Butter instead of fake cheese. Sound gross? They’re not! And if you steal my idea…*points menacingly* After all that, it was time for bed.

The next morning we woke up to my favorite part…DANISH DANISHES!! Look at them!


Anders was just finishing up his thesis that day, so we hung around and did a bit more sightseeing before meeting up with him to hit the town for some partying! I tell you, there are things I’ve seen in Copenhagen that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Danes are crazy.

The next day Ryan and I headed up to Sweden to see Sven (another Leeds friend) in Helsingborg, and he took us out into the Swedish countryside to see his summer house, complete with bubbling brook, apple tree and small orchard, a small army of semi-wild kitties and guest house with loft, sauna, and awesome view of the property.

Ohhh, Ahhhh

Awww look at all those kittie-witties snugglemuffinooggleboogle!!

Charlie decided to come up to Helsingborg for a day also, for some more sightseeing and an at home cocktail night, since Sven had conveniently just finished his bartending course and bought several hundred dollars worth of exotic boozes and fruits. Sweeeeeet…I had an appletini.

The Leeds crew at a castle tower thingy in Helsingborg.

Helsingborg, Sweden

After a lovely visit, Charlotte and I perfected our almost-miss-every-form-of-transportation-from-ferry-to-train-to-bus routine and ran frantically for all of our connections, even when we didn’t need to. Of course, we didn’t know that ahead of time. Ryan flew back home to Canada from there, ending our golden era of hoboness, bumdom, and beach volleyball (well…we kept playing, but it just wasn’t the same). Thanks everyone for a great time!! Miss you already!

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