>So when I said before that volleyball is life…I meant it.

>It seems that no matter where we go or what we do, it all revolves around volleyball. When we’re hiding in our hotel room so that the owners don’t know we’re playing “threesies” (I don’t think they’d like the game much), we turn on the tv and guess what’s on? Volleyball.

When we wander around Basel as homeless bums, we find what every bum calls paradise: Free Stuff. Free crappy volvic water, free bandaids, and free SportMints…all at the outdoor beach volleyball tournament. What do we do while we enjoy these refreshments and try to figure out where we’re sleeping that night? Watch volleyball.

When Dennis heads to Bern for a visit to Aurelie, what does he find? MORE outdoor beach volleyball tournaments, probably stocked with free crappy volvic water.

When we live a month in Tubingen, rather than travel or explore the city, where do we spend our days? At the volleyball courts. Our friends don’t even call us to see if we’re there anymore, they just show up for a game. And THAT’s how I like it.

Just to prove we play rain or shine, here is a pic of us playing in a rainstorm. The freibad was empty, which meant the courts were free! =D

Way to drop the ball, Ryan!

One response to “>So when I said before that volleyball is life…I meant it.

  1. >Volleyball rocks! Last weekend I ended up playing with two ~10 years old girls from Brazil and I’m pretty sure after five years they will be to strong for me to play with. When you come back we should make a tournament ourselves 😀

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