>Ich liebe Sonja and Tübingen!!

>So first off, let’s set the scenario. We have been travelling for three months or so, hopping from here to there to everywhere, but never staying anywhere longer than about a week. This can get pretty tiring. Then we start running out of places to go. We nap on any available plot of grass we can find. We only drink out of city fountains. We sleep near fires in conservation areas. Our only sustenance is bread and meat. Dennis uses lilacs for deodorant. Things are looking pretty grim.

Then, like manna from heaven, Sonja sends us a message. We can rent a room at her place for a month! Not only is she saving us from a life of hobodom on the streets of Basel, she tells us that she is moving into her roommates room so we can have her BIGGER room!! Who does that?? Sonja is always up for a random party or spontaneous roadtrip, which makes living with her a blast!

Sonja trying to avoid ruining my picture. So I took a picture of her instead.

We all cook together, eat together, bake together, sing together, and drink together all the while! Then she introduces us to all her awesome friends, who have more awesome friends, who have MORE awesome friends. I think you get the point. Which brings me to my next topic: Tübingen is one of my favourite cities yet. It’s small, picturesque, has a beach volleyball court, and is full of absolutely awesome people who I do not have enough time to chill with! Recently we’ve taken to hanging out in bars until way past closing, because these awesome friends also include awesome bartenders.

Damn it, I wish I didn’t have to leave so soon.


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