>Goodbye, Europe *tear*

>I have done a terrible job of keeping this blog up to date in the past few months, so this post will be a mainly visual depiction of the shortest summary of our trips, friends, and maybe a few stories.


Headed up to Compiegne to visit Anne to do some climbing…

A typical French shopping trip.

We didn’t get much climbing done.

But it was fun anyway.

Spent a day in Paris with Flora, where she taught me to make a 30 minute quiche from scratch! =D

Leeds Reunion!

Trying to get a schedule of events for the week, we ALL accidentally got welcome packages. I hope the REAL new students didn’t need these…but look how happy we are!

My old kitchen, where everyone would knock and ask for keys to get in to the raging party. Don’t we look nostalgic.

Got into town and found out about International Fruity! COUNT US IN!!

Classic. Are captions necessary?
Rockstar@Halo!! Good to know guest list still works!!! =D

I miss you guys! …Whose hand is that?

Mom and Dad’s surprise visit!

Ryan and the ‘rents conspired against me to preserve the secret of their visit during Oktoberfest. As my Dad put it, Ryan goes home rarely enough and who knows what I’m doing with my life, so this was a great chance to kill two birds with one stone and see us both! What a great time we had!

Mom brought lots of home made goodies, as Moms are wont to do. Everyone loved them!

Dad brought the party with nightly Port and cigarillos!

A common German after-dinner schnapps to help with digestion! Good for the whole family!

Enjoying German cuisine, and of course, German beer.


After a day at Oktoberfest with Mom and Dad (unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from that time, I’ll leave that up to Mom to document!), we managed to pull off some kind of miracle and meet up with about a dozen different people in various tents the next day! If you wonder how exactly this qualifies as a miracle, go to Oktoberfest on a weekend. Then you’ll understand.

Our wonderful hostesses, who somehow all own an Oktoberfest dress thingy, even though no one has ever been to Oktoberfest.

Beer-proof camera! Geil!

We started around 10 in the morning. By 11 that table behind us on the left was filled with passed out dudes. Ha.

Found the Waterloo crew after hours of searching, Romain and Aurelie!

And Julie and Steffen and Thomas!

This picture proved hilariously prescient.

Czech Republic!

Our arrival into Brno, with the traditional Czech bread and salt offering to visitors. Petr, Eva, Igor, you guys are too much!

Petr starting the visit off with some Slivovitce, also known as “Petr’s Medicine”. YUM!

A bit of sight seeing and Petr keeping us all entertained. “He tries to be funny…sometimes it doesn’t work.” – Eva

Our New Kids on the Block-esque picture heading into some famous caverns in Brno. Now all we have to do is start making records!

Doing some cave exploring with some really cool Czechs.

Czech-style drinking. There were NOT that many people at the table, by the way.

Czech-style partying. You can’t really tell, but Dennis is covered head to butt (really) with entry stamps that we “borrowed” from the bouncer. He looked like the devil.

Not-so-Czech-style napping in the bar. It’s okay, you’re allowed to nap in bars here.

Ryan and Dennis may have won at Darts last night…but this time, Petr and I dominated…including closing two games! Mostly thanks to Petr 😉

Sleeping in hammocks: okay. Sleeping drunk in hammocks: VERY dangerous!!

Playing Jenga in monster masks while listening to classical music is normal, right? The girls didn’t seem to think so. I guess it could be sort of creepy.

We found Efik in Prague again, and don’t we look happy?! The girl with all the hookups, including free hotels, hostel discounts, free KFC, and cab negotiations!! =D

Sightseeing Czech castles with Martina’s family =D

Beer ice cream with Misha! Quite nasty!
Climbing towers and having fun. =)
Now that’s Czech national pride!

Random fun times and people I’ll miss! (By no means comprehensive, I just flipped through random FB albums Dennis uploaded and found some good pics)

Fun times at Top10, the best club in Tübingen! Here here to half price!

A VFB Stuttgart game with Tömmy and Simon!

Visiting Joscha in Stuttgart! What a party animal!!

Joscha’s wonderfully prepared breakfast (we were competing against his other roommates who also had guests over.)

Our friends Anaïs and Steph, who we met in Amsterdam, found randomly in Basel, then visited again in Tübingen and Basel! SingStar and Sangria party!!

Showing off their acrobatic skills.

We can do that too! …are you okay, Dennis?

Who wants to go to Conny-Land? A friend from the Pfauen (kickass bar) in Tübingen.

Another Top10 night, where they give you free tequila for singing SingStar! Sonja and Sophie love it!

My favorite beer in Tübingen…half a litre for 25 cents! Who can resist buying a whole case?!

More Top10, with Ryan! Don’t pretend that shit with me!

I am sad to leave this continent (despite the friggen cold weather! I’m not dressed for a European fall!), and I will miss all of my friends here. Hell, I do already, I just haven’t realized the fact that I won’t be able to just hop on a train to see them all anymore. To everyone who hosted us in the time we were here, thank you endlessly for your hospitality, and I hope that you will give me a chance to repay you by coming to visit, you are welcome wherever I am!

Even though I know we will have fun and find adventure in the rest of the world too, I sincerely regret having to leave all my friends here so soon. I don’t think I could reconcile with myself if I didn’t honestly say: I’LL BE BACK SOON!!

Miss you all! ❤


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