>Lies and economics.


Whose responsibility is it to monitor and punish international agencies for falsifying economic statistics used to shackle less developed (or even affluent but floundering) countries to US hegemony?! (ahem, IMF, why do you think Iceland is afraid of you??) Whoever is responsible should be speaking up for the past 4 decades of lies! Isn’t that a felony, at least SOME crime?? Can’t these countries hire counsel to report their distress at the hands of untrustworthy officials whom we trust to guide our world economy to new heights of prosperity? The direct influence of the US over these international aid agencies must be shattered so that they cannot control foreign policy with such an iron hand as afforded them by their economic influence. I saw an article about that in the Economist the other day, I probably should have read it. But apparently book stores in airports aren’t libraries.
Sorry for that rant. But it’s true.

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