Routine ain’t all that bad…

I used to have hobbies. Before the travelling began, anyways. Not that I don’t anymore, but it’s different out here.  Here you discover new places, new perspective, and new sides of yourself.   That’s all well and good…but back home I was working towards my black belt in Taekwondo, I almost qualified for my skydiving license, I belonged to student clubs, danced, and occasionally volunteered.  Damn did that stuff feel good.  In no way should travel be looked down upon, but for those of you who long for the open road, allow your itchy feet to be assuaged by your opportunity to have a routine, rote as it sounds. Take advantage of the chance you have now to learn something new, or practice something old. Don’t waste time wishing you were somewhere else. Carpe diem, and live in the moment! Life is too short to be wasted wanting to be somewhere you’re not. Either want to be where you are, or be where you want to be. Anything else is just wasted opportunity.


Sorry to throw up such a self-help feely picture, but damn does it have some good points!


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