Reflecting Life

This is a bit of a random post, a conglomeration of thoughts and writings I had while at our annual Free & Easy Leader retreat staying at an awesome open-concept villa on the fisherman’s pier of Koh Chang and doing a bit of diving.


As I walk through the pierside house on Koh Chang in Southern Thailand and ponder life decisions, I sit and dangle my legs above the sea. Lying back, I notice the gentle play of the light reflecting on the roof of the bungalow.

It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Pure light pulsing and chasing itself in waves of varying intensity, playing across the ceiling without a care in the world. These moments that are so often glossed over as our attention is drawn to more pressing matters, a scene that I have witnessed hundreds of times before now strikes a chord within me, and I am awestruck with wonder. What a calming sensation, to be confronted with pure beauty, in any form.  In the serene beauty of an untouched landscape.  In the way an athlete goes through the motions of a sport she has mastered. The way a fisherman effortlessly maneouvers his boat. The beauty of pure living.

Reflect the good things that come to you. Bask in the beauty of everything surrounding you. Take pleasure in the simple things in life. Breathe it all in. Don’t wish your life away, rather soak in every last drop of the experience life gives you. Watch the leaves dance to the silent song played by the wind. Listen to the breath of the ocean, the tide crashing rhythmically on the shore. Feel the warm breeze whisper across your skin as the wind shares its caress with you and off to others far away.  Listen to the cacophony of bugs droning to a climax with the heat of the day.

Under the water the beauty is amplified, corals of orange and pink, budding like flowers beneath the ocean waves.  The timeless ripples of drifting purple feathery tendrils swaying in the heartbeat of the sea.  Schools of silvery fish dart in and around you, synchronized and dancing to a tune only they can hear, the beat and pulse of life under the ocean.

Let the peace within you swell and encompass all around you.  Feel the sand between your toes.  Look beyond a sunset.  Reflect on life. Reflect life. Absorb the good energy, let it flow through your veins, draw from it, and then reflect it back on the world stronger than before.   Love others as if they were yourself.
People are just people. They are more like you than you think.

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