These are the waves that changed my life.

These are the waves that changed my life.

Ripples caused by disturbances in our lives, changing the course of life like a leaf drifting in a puddle or a boat changed course in a storm.  Pushing ever so gently but with the insistence of eternity.

Lying in a sea side villa on the fisherman’s pier, watching the light play brilliantly on the roof.  Pulsing, breathing with a life of its own.  Decisions made that changed not only the course of my life, but the course of my being.

Trying to compel order on such a phenomenon is fruitless, much like trying to compel order on the chaos of life.  There will always be unexpected circumstances, forks in the road, changes in plans.

The only way to forge through this is with a happy heart and an open mind.  All else will fall as it may, and you will come out on top.

Go with the flow, but keep your true happiness and aims in mind, whatever they may be.

Night falls.  I admire the stars above my head, then the galaxies of phosphoresence around my feet.  The enormity of the universe sets my mind free like the breath of fresh sea air in my lungs.


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