Thoughts from a window seat

There is something about the window seat of an air plane that gets my mind reflecting more than usual, looking out over vast landscapes and all the people contained therein.  I find it useful to assess changes to my opinions and perspectives when I face changes and new destinations in my life.  I am not the same person I was a year ago, or even 6 months ago.  Perhaps in living a life of constant motion, those few moments of solitude and aloneness are all the the opportunity I have to reflect on making the most of my time.  While others resolve to make changes to their lives at the end of every year (after which many go right back into the same routine) I try to evaluate and learn from these past experiences each time my life is set into motion and I have the time to think them through.

And here are my thoughts:

I have learned to appreciate my own country, snow covered or not. I have learned that the people within it are hardy (fool or otherwise) for living in it year round;

I have learned that people older than you are not necessarily wiser than you, and that people younger than you very well may be. Experience leads to wisdom, but it is never too late to learn from your mistakes and make the most of your time, whatever form that may manifest;

I have learned that money is but a means, and to not need it is the same as having overmuch of it (for which so many blindly aim);

I have learned that a regular routine need not (indeed, SHOULD not) be set by anothers’ agenda, unless your true goals coincide (money is never a true goal);

I have learned the value of a single friend, and the amazing variety of people that inhabit this planet and how much there is to learn from them;

I have learned that one man is enough to catalyse an idea into a movement and drive it- but it is dependent on that man’s drive (no small credit to the help received along the way);

I have learned that the only fear to be afraid of is the fear of failure, the fear of apathy and not trying, which is the easiest fear to conquer since the very fear itself spurs me into action;

I have learned that only the people you let hurt you can hurt you, and that I highly value independence in all of my relationships;

I have learned that learning how to learn is a key skill for all people in all walks of life, and that we all need help in this education;

I have learned that moments need to be created and identified, and that deep talks are occasionally necessary and should not be skirted;

I have learned that thinking big, dreaming bigger, and then acting on that is a worthwhile human endeavour;

I have learned that all systems have wiggle room, that with the right combination of charm and reasoning (or even just asking!) can get you more than you expect;

I have learned that the way to be respected for your views and character is to OWN them, not to hide them nor be ashamed;

I have learned not to align my values on the persuasion of another, whether through positive or negative suggestion, but to evaluate the facts presented and judge based on those;

I have learned to always question, and to have no fear of changing your opinion if it is merited by the facts.  But in subjective cases to make up your mind finally and stick with it sets your mind free from regret and increases your overall happiness;

I have learned that the human mind is organic and prone to more inaccuracies than most are willing to admit. Admit them, your memory is imperfect and work with your mind lest it work against you. Learn to control it lest it control you;

I have learned that although slight signals may be picked up by others’ subconscious, they may not always know how to interpret them and so my feelings, though transparent to me, are often obfuscated to others, and that I should make my intentions clear through honest and open communication;

I have learned that I need to become more comfortable with my emotional self around those I love;

I have learned the importance of EDITING – finding the important parts of life worth spending time on;

I have learned the importance of EXTRAPOLATION – looking ahead in life, thinking BIG PICTURE, and evaluating consequences;

I have experienced the joy of being in a moment, senses, feelings, peace, nature, company (or not) intertwining to manifest the beauty of life;

I have learned that problems are not black and white, and not to confuse motion with progress, but also that honest attempts lead to experience and progression towards a goal, that complex systems to solve a problem wholesale are not born overnight;

I have learned to stand on the shoulders of giants and expand my knowledge of a problem through others;

I have learned that we learn more through our mistakes than through our successes, and to seek out those mistakes to learn from them rather than fear them;

I have learned that I don’t need to drink or party to impress anyone else and that the reason we do it in the first place is to have a good time, but that the best and craziest stories happen at the end of the night in a good environment full of randomness;

I have learned to have pen and paper on me at all times, to record events and make way for inspiration when it comes;

I have learned to read into others’ body language and to trust my intuition;

I have learned that each brain is of two minds and to use my conscious to control my sub conscious mind monkeys, and that mirror neurons that elicit sympathy from the plight of others also fire AT YOURSELF – meaning you are truly of two minds;

I have learned that there is as much to learn from someone’s intolerance, impatience, or hatred as there is from their tolerance, patience, and love;

I have learned that all things need moderation, even moderation itself;

I have learned that cause and effect are seldom equal, and to watch for and utilize small causes that have greater effects, but to let other small causes with small effects pass by the wayside so as not to waste my time;

I have learned that I will not have time to go everywhere and do everything I ever want to see or do…and that is what keeps life exciting right to the end, so TAKE PLEASURE in the things you DO have time for;

I have learned that everyone is entitled to their own INFORMED opinion, and that no one is entitled to be ignorant, but these opinions may be formed on vast cultural and societal differences as well as personal biases. Respect that;

I have learned that when I am presented with evidence that confirms my hypothesis, I will mistakenly give it more weight than it deserves. Corollary: A kind word directed to stroke the ego has more significance for the hearer than the speaker;

I have learned to lead when the situation calls for it and not to follow the response of the crowd if none stand forward;

I have learned to evaluate a budding movement and act as the first follower to add to its momentum if I am in agreement;

I have learned that ‘ever or never’ questions are often pointless – that isn’t a concern at this point. Needs, wants and circumstances change over time.

I wonder what I will learn next time I have too much time to myself daydreaming in a window seat.


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