Enlightenment is bogus

Enlightenment is bogus.

No one will stop learning. Ever.

Enlightenment is found in the seeking.

I suppose knowing that is part of enlightenment…you will never stop learning.

How enlightening.


3 responses to “Enlightenment is bogus

  1. You seem to be playing with words here and I can’t tell for sure what your definition of “enlightenment” is. I’m investigating the possibility that “spiritual” awakening type enlightenment could be a self programmed altered state, and therefore not real. What exactly are you thinking of in this post?

    • Hey Albert – I am playing with the wording in this post a little bit. I think I was referring to enlightenment in the sense that one’s intellectual and spiritual development had come to completion. And yet I don’t think there is any complete body of knowledge (especially contained within one mind) that can not benefit from inquisitiveness, and seeking new answers or at least new questions. Which, in the end, must be part of the enlightenment, if our definitions are to hold true.

  2. I’ve yet to come across, in my virtual travels, any who are acknowledged as “enlightened,” that would not agree with you. There are some young upstarts around these days — the “neo advaitins” — who seem to think that all training is bogus, once they’ve had an “awakening” experience, but the more traditional ones say it’s just the beginning of learning.
    They say, they say — I’ll let you know if I find anything out for sure. (I wouldn’t hold my breath… 😉

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