Self Awareness is Hot.

To put it in the words of my good buddy Davey Jol – self awareness is hot.

When someone has come to know themselves and be comfortable in their own skin, with all their strengths and shortcomings taken into account or at least the willingness to search them out well established, they are 50 points up in my books.  The road is long and the end indistinct – if determinable at all – but all who set out on this personal journey are better off the further along they get.  They are the people more likely to overcome their insecurities and mental chatter to be able to look beyond their little bubble of the world and truly see who and what surrounds them.  They know themselves not just in the sense of their personalities, for that will change as they desire, but also as silent witnesses of their own thoughts.  Their capability to communicate, interact, reason, and truly live life to the fullest is greatly expanded.  It is like going from living your whole existence in a crowd of people who are a few inches taller than you to convincing someone to get you up on their shoulders and viewing the stage of life full on. Don’t be one of those people who can’t see the forest for the trees.  Broaden your perspective, take a step back and truly appreciate the bigger picture beyond yourself and your own personal scenario.

Say you have a bad day.  Normally that would get people down…but not you.  You can see the bigger picture:  that you are consistently working towards your life goals, you are following your passion, that your mix of work and play is satisfactory to keep you challenged yet relaxed and refreshed, and that your friends and family (not to mention you yourself) are there to love and guide and support you.  Suddenly what seemed insurmountable before is no more than a mere insignificant setback .  Remember, eyes on the forest.

It is exciting to think that this is a lifelong path to follow, that there will always be something new to learn about yourself in the world and how you choose to interact with it.   There is no end zone to cross into and no authority other than yourself who can determine how far along you have come.  Enjoy being recursive.  But an open mind free to inquire, an honest desire to improve yourself and expand your outlook on the world and the motivation to make those changes is all you need to be well on your way.